Posted by Vanilla Love USA on Feb 19th 2022

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HOW TO MAKE VANILLA EXTRACT (In your own kitchen!)
You are going to love making your own extract! It's easy, fun and will save you money over time and give you a better, natural extract than what you can buy in the store. Here are the very simple instructions: We recommend at least 8 Vanilla Beans per 8 oz bottle, but if you want to put more in that's fine, it will just get stronger, faster.  This ratio works up to 1 quart.  For batches 1 qt or more we recommend going by weight.  Use the ratio of 16 oz / Gallon of Extract
Quick Reference Measuring Guide:
8 oz Extract = 8 Vanilla Beans (5-6" length)
1 Qt Extract (32 oz) = 4 oz Beans (1/4 Lb)
750 ml Extract (25.4 oz) = 3.2 oz Beans
1 Gal Extract (128 oz) = 16 oz Beans

Items You Will Need:
Vanilla Beans
Sealable, Air-tight Bottle
Sharp Knife
Cutting Board

Step #1 - Place Vanilla Bean on cutting board hold Vanilla Bean at the end with your fingertip.  With a sharp knife cut each bean lengthwise. You don't need to cut all the way thru, just enough to open the bean up and expose all the tiny seeds.
Step #2 - Place beans in your bottle, if any are too tall you can cut them in half.
Step #3 - Add your a funnel in the top of the bottle to make pouring easier. Then take the alcohol of your choice, ideally between 75-85 proof (but never below 70 & never higher than 90), and add alcohol to the bottle.
Step #4 - Secure the lid / stopper on the bottle and shake vigorously for a minute.
Step #5 - Place bottle in cool, dark place, like a kitchen cabinet. (Never freezer or refrigerate Vanilla Beans)
Step #6 - For the 1st week, take bottle out once or twice per day and shake vigorously 30-60 seconds.
Step #7 - After the 1st week, take bottle out 2-3 times a week and shake. In 12 weeks you will have some awesome extract you made yourself! At this point it is barely strong enough to use, but it needs & will continue to get stronger over time.  Some people like to let their extract steep 6 months or a year before use.

Thank you,
Stephen & Erica Troup
Vanilla Love USA

All Vanilla Beans we sell are organic and non-GMO.