Vanilla Infused Sugar - Non GMO Pure Organic

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Vanilla Infused Natural Turbinado Sugar with Pure Organic Vanilla Beans 

* Non GMO (Sugar & Bean)
* Organic (Sugar & Bean)
* Arrives in Heat-Sealed Package
* Arrives in Reclosable Package
* Contains 2 chunks of Tahitian Beans so your sugar continues to absorb flavor as long as you have it.
* Available in 8,10,12,16,24,48 and 60 oz size.
* Delicious to cook with, to sprinkle on desserts, or to make your next batch of homemade Vanilla Ice Cream extra special!
* Our organic non-GMO vanilla beans are ethically sourced from Madagascar, Indonesia, and Papau NG

Your item will be shipped in a bubble mailer for added protection and all orders over $50 will be insured.

Thank you! 

Stephen and Erica Troup

Vanilla Love USA