Ground Vanilla - Full Flavor

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Ground Vanilla Beans - Full Flavor - Organic 

* Made from 100% Pure Vanilla Beans.
* Packaged within minutes of being ground.
* Ground vanilla beans can be used to add Vanilla Flavor (without alcohol associated w/ Extract) & visual appeal to ice cream, baking, desserts, tea, cookies, cake, pie, bread, coffee.
* Ground Vanilla can be used as a substitute for beans or extract in recipes, 1/2 tsp =1 tsp of extract OR 1 bean.  It's good for recipes that call for high heat, it withstands the heat better than extract, as extract can burn off under high heat losing some flavor. It's great for recipes where you want the visual of the specks of vanilla to show. Also good as a flavoring in cold recipes that won't cook off the alcohol, like smoothies, shakes, etc...also some people who cannot have sugar use it as a non-sugar flavoring.
* Ships in a heat-sealed, re-sealable bag.
* Origin: Indonesia & PNGIngredients: 100% Ground Vanilla Beans - No sugar, color, preservatives or fillers added.
Taste and Aroma: Sweet, rich and authentic vanilla flavor.

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Stephen and Erica Troup 

      Vanilla Love USA